New Jersey School Bus Ads

  • New Jersey School bus advertising is like having a mobile billboard traveling around town with your message, reaching your prospects where they live, work and play.
  • Fox's reputation ensures that both school districts and advertisers receive excellent customer service.


  • Generate a revenue stream without cost.
  • School Districts working with Fox receive 70% of the revenue.
  • School Districts have final approval on all ads.
  • Fox handles every aspect of the program.


  • School bus Advertising
  • You benefit from Fox's more than 30 years experience working with School Districts and their buses.

Why Choose Fox?

Fox School Bus Media is a full-service school bus advertising sales company based in New Jersey and exclusively serving New Jersey school districts. As a New Jersey school bus advertising firm, we partner with school districts throughout the Garden State and provide them with a no-cost, no-risk, passive source of revenue by selling advertising on the sides of district school buses. Fox has more than 30 years experience working directly with New Jersey school districts and their school buses. Our employees are not third party installers or vendors. Our hands-on, personal approach to business ensures that School Districts and advertisers receive outstanding service and value.

Fox School Bus Ads

Fox has 30 years of experience with New Jersey School Districts and their school buses, ensuring your campaign goes smoothly

School Bus Ads benefit both advertisers and school districts

Fox can manage all aspects of your advertising including ad creation (if needed), ad installation, maintenance, and removal.

Reach local customers where they live, work and play.